We're on a journey to see marketing & communications reinvented through technology so our customer's customers have the best possible experience finding, buying and enjoying whatever it is they need.



Who We Are

We are the digital strategy consultancy for the Salesforce platform.  

As experts in Customer Experience Strategy we help our clients unify sales, marketing & service through Salesforce technology.

We are the new breed of marketers; strong in technology and helping our customers deliver amazing experiences inspirational branded moments at every stage and touchpoint throughout the buyers journey.

We believe in being;

  • Here to Serve
  • Humbly Honest
  • Fiercely Creative
  • Always Forgiving, and
  • Walking with Purpose


Why We Do It

We exist to ignite the customer experience. 

We help our clients unlock their why, gain clarity in the how and empower the what.

We really do want to shift the needle on your business. 

"As a corporate marketing leader I was continually frustrated with the inability to connect the dots from customer behaviour to marketing expenditure and marketing actions to business growth.
I wanted to be able to put my hand on my heart and say to my CFO and CEO, if we do this, then this will happen and this is why..... without the BS."
Founder and MD, Stuart Leo

Our clients discover fresh insights in customer needs and desires, are able to plan a better customer journey which increase customer engagement and leveraging Salesforce technology to gain visibility into their customers needs faster and easier than ever before.


What We Do

We've built a roadmap which helps all our clients move towards customer experience leadership.  This roadmap is a framework and diagnostic survey we call, "The Experience Curve".

Our Services

  • Digital Transformation: Customer Experience Diagnostic & Strategy Development
  • Digital Marketing: Creative thinking in Branding, Content Creation, SEO, SEM, Social and web development for landing pages, ads and websites.
  • Salesforce consulting in Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Service Cloud, Community Cloud and customer apps in the App Cloud. 

Our Products - Blirt Labs, Smart Products

Through Blirt Labs, we ideate, design and build our own products that solve connectivity problems and improve the customer experience. 

WFMCRM - We built the world's first connector between Workflowmax.com and Salesforce.com 

Beanie - We're in beta on the world's best finance automation system for Salesforce customers. 


What You Get

Our clients choose Blirt because they get a strategic view, simplicity in explanation, wisdom in advice and a sense of inspiration to achieve excellence in delivering their customer experience.

We want to help you shift the needle on your business.


Our Partners

We partner with the best in the best technology to help deliver wonderful business results.