Kalka: Digital Media Display Home Launch

300% Increase in Display Home Visits Based on Social Media Campaign

Our Client

Kalka is a Brisbane based construction and development company with a passion for creating homes of exceptional design and quality that embody the essence of Queensland living.

Our Role

Blirt! were engaged to develop a digital media strategy to increase awareness and drive traffic to a new Kalka Display Home.

Target Audience

Existing clients on the database and new clients looking to build a new home.

Our Approach


Blirt developed a cross digital media strategy that required minimal financial outlay. 

We identified the best ways to re-engage the existing database as well as ways of establishing new client leads without using any paid advertising.

This included;

The Behind the Scenes of a Display Home Blog Series
A series of informative articles aligned with the Kalka Customer Journey. We considered what was important to a Kalka client and the process they would undertake if they were to purchase a new home. Interviews with the Kalka team revealed what was involved in each step of the buying and building process. Each post introduced a key member of the Kalka team and the role they played in a particular step of the customer journey. 

Social Media Content 
The Behind the Scenes of a Display Home series was fed via the new Kalka website (also developed by Blirt) and repurposed for social media.

A series of image-driven countdowns were also posted daily via Facebook and Instagram to create a sense of excitement and anticipation. The images featured different stages of construction overlaid with an on-brand, numerical countdown, counting down until the launch.

The countdown images were repurposed for Instagram. Instagram was introduced to Kalka for use during this campaign as part of a longer term digital media strategy. 

E-Newsletters and Invites
In addition to the blogs and social media posts, e-mails were sent to the existing Kalka database including a personalised invitation to the launch of the new display home and highlighting Kalka's brand advantages as a key message. 

The emails used simple messaging, strong imagery and a clear call to action.

Through Blirt's marketing automation program we were able to track the effectiveness of this messaging and identify the most engaged clients. This allowed sales consultants to target the most engaged existing clients for future sales activities. 


  • An 80% open rate of the personalised Display Village invitation. That's 50% more than the standard opening rate!      According to a study by MailChimp*, a standard email open rate for emails from companies in the construction industry is 22.67% and 26.44% in the Home & Garden category.  The highest ranking standard open rate in this study was 30.71%. Needless to say, an 80% open rate is an outstanding result.
  • Almost 200 unique clicks on Facebook as a result of the engaging social media content. Through our Marketing Automation program, we were able to track unique users and through custom redirects track effectiveness and click-through rates of each message posted. The shift for more personalised and relevant content ensured a dramatic increase in client engagement.
  • A 300% increase in Display Home visitation over the launch weekend. 
  • Re-engagement with existing clients on the Kalka database through lead nurturing activities monitored via our marketing automation platform.
  • Clients in the process of signing contracts to build again with Kalka.

We love a campaign that ends with sales.