Pardot Digital Marketing Success with Paid and Owned Media Channels


Blirt was engaged to relaunch a professional services firm, MRD Partners.

This firm sold investment property, investment assets and financial services.  

As part of the tactical execution on the rebrand program, Blirt launched the new message to their database via paid digital campaigns, existing owned email contacts, and a reinvigorated social media program.



The primary challenge was to re-engage clients on the database and draw new prospects into an engagement program. 


Our Approach

We designed content and activities across the customer journey which would help drive engagement.  We built this campaign on Salesforce's Pardot Digital Marketing platform which provided customer insights, engagement scores and clear ROI on spend.  

At the start of the journey we identified education resources which could be helpful in attracting new prospects and also in re-engaging past clients.

Specifically, we produced a book called Property Investing in a Post GFC World.  

This piece of primary content was supported with social media messaging, automated education based email follow ups and strategic surveys. 

Specifically we used:

  • Strategic Paid Digital Media Buys
  • Database email sends
  • Profile and Segmentation via automation rules and Grade / Score matrix
  • Online advertising tracking via UTM tags Landing page management
  • Social media tracking
  • Drip campaign - lead nurturing
  • Online survey’s and purchaser intent tracking

The entire campaign was delivered and tracked via Pardot and provided key insights into the CRM.

The campaign was focussed on providing educational content to current and future clients. 


We reignited the flame on MRD's existing client database.

Past clients re-emerged, new clients appeared and in total more than 900 new prospects were created over a 90 day period

During the campaign prospects and existing contacts were surveyed on buying intention and product aspiration.

This identified:

  • Up to $85m in capital available across potential purchasers
  • Most importantly how to help clients well in their investment decisions via detailed specifics on what clients desired in products and their ideal price points.

Our client went on to achieve an 85% conversion rate with appoint setting from the newly engaged prospects for events and education seminars.