Pardot Digital Marketing Training and Support


Our client, WorkPro, needed strategy around their marketing efforts to illustrate true ROI, using the Salesforce eco-system that included the marketing automation platform, Pardot.

WorkPro are in the business of employee screening and induction solutions, that centralises fundamental compliance requirements to get individual's 'work ready'.  



WorkPro needed to understand their client's touch points and the ROI associated with activities.    


Our Approach

We assisted WorkPro in the creation of marketing automation campaigns and brought additional training to the WorkPro team to help them understand the Pardot Digital Marketing technology and apply to their daily work.  

We developed a plan of attack that allowed WorkPro to create campaigns, lists, rules, drip programs and content creation based on the audience segment they were targeting.  Additionally, we helped WorkPro understand their ROI from Google AdWords and connect the insights from Google into their Salesforce & Pardot ecosystem. 


The Result

WorkPro, now understands the exact ROI from their individual marketing activities.  In addition, we helped configure the Salesforce CRM to bring information within easy access of the sales and customer service team to support the clients.