Rebranding MRD - Mentoring Research & Development



Blirt was engaged to rebrand and begin the repositioning process for MRD (Mentoring, Research and Development).  

MRD we're a traditional property marketing and investment sales firm looking to add further depth to their clients through improved service quality offering property and investment opportunities under clear financial planning advice and services. 


The Challenges

  • Overcoming external perceptions of property investment marketing.
  • Addressing a misunderstood message about how MRD help their clients.
  • Generating new sales opportunities for both property and financial services. 


Our Approach

Blirt utilised our proprietary Brand Anatomy framework for the MRD rebrand and repositioning.

We delivered on our four key attributes:

Through research we aligned brand beliefs & activities to organisation strategy and business model.

Through focus, simplify the message to bring clarity to the organisation and their customers. 

Be Inspirational
Through consistency, communicate effectively and with ongoing purpose to inspire customers and internal team members.

Deliver Wisdom
Discover the truth insights via customer research and apply this knowledge into improved services, products and organisation performance.  


Creative Execution

Blirt identified four key advantages which customers believed the brand gave them:

  • Expert Knowledge
  • A Scientific Approach
  • Investment Assistance
  • An Enduring Relationships

The repositioning introduced MRD as a Partner and reinforced the "MRD Partners" approach under the promise of "Your Property Partner."

This brand message was expressed through updated collateral including website, video, advertising and corporate identity. 

The brand roll out included:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Content development around key thought leadership topics
  • Website development 
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO Keyword monitoring and performance improvement
  • Advertising and Lead Nurturing


A strong and clear brand which galvanised the marketing, the culture and focus of the business.

The new brand was launched on the back of a lead generation campaign.  This campaign included the creation of a book called Property Investing in a Post GFC World, a highly targeted online media buy and marketing automation implementation for improved ROI on lead retention and sales.  (Read more here)