H.I.S. Travel - Japanese Film Festival Sponsorship TVC


H.I.S. Travel Australia & New Zealand wanted to engage prospects at the 2015 Japanese Film Festival to inspire them to travel to Japan.

The 2015 Japan Film Festival is held across 5 cities in Australia.  The animated film, Miss Hokusai was chosen and as a sponsor vehicle via a 30-sec TVC spot that would run before the start of the film.

While the brief was clear, the challenge was two fold, cost and time. In under two weeks, Blirt needed to deliver a storyboard, messaging, design creatives, film, sound and edit.



Blirt produced a TVC with artistic references to Japanese Anime / flat animation.  

The artistry would connect with viewing audience, as the sponsored film, Miss Hokusai is an animated film.  

The production method allowed Blirt to respond quickly within a defined budget.  



This simple but beautiful depiction of Japan through animation was well supported by a background score that comprised of a fusion between bells, drums, and wooden clappers, some of the earliest forms of music in Japan.

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