Omnibound CM

Power your content marketing.

Content Marketing Is Powerful 

Be found, be seen, get more traffic & leads. 


Content Marketing costs less than 62% of outbound marketing, yet generates 3 times as many leads. 

Omnibound CM is a strategic marketing approach which creates and distributions quality, relevant and consistent content to engage and convert target personas across search engines and social platforms.

Over years of refinement we have created an approach that unifies multiple channels of content activity in order to give the greatest level of efficiency, with the least amount of effort.

In A Digital World The Pen Is Mightier Than The Paid

In general, those who deploy content marketing tactics receive 55% more visitors, have 97% more inbound links, index 434% more web pages and receive 70% more leads.

Content marketing unifies search, blogs, site optimisation and conversion tactics to create a free flowing lead generation funnel. 

Add some paid media across Social, Search or Display and you have the foundations of a world class lead generation system.


Content Powers The Zero Moment Of Truth

The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is a term coined by Google and refers to the research which is conducted by a user online about a product or service before taking any action.

That research creates a ZMOT which determines what action the prospect will take next; engage, convert, buy or abandon?

Your content powers your future customer’s ZMOT.

Yes, I Want High Performing ROI Marketing.


What Is Omnibound CM?

Omnibound CM is a content marketing program for those who need to lift search rankings, gain more traffic from search and social and convert more leads. 

This program is built on a clear understanding of our client’s business objectives and specifically orients around objectives of traffic, awareness, leads, reputation, influence and sales. 


The First Month - Strategy Development

Your first month with Blirt is spent building the Omnibound CM plan with our head of Creative Experience. 

This plan sets out the target personas, identifies the keywords and strategic content, identifies opportunities for site technical improvements, identifies website conversion improvements and plans an offsite link and authority building program to see your organic rankings scale. 

Optimising Execution

Working with your dedicated Marketing Consultant & our Strategy Team, we execute the strategy, refining and optimising along the journey. 

Every month we review progress towards the objectives by measuring key results and ‘growth hacking’ our way to your success. 

Every quarter we review the strategic position and refine our approach for the next quarter. 

This is content marketing with the focus of an eagle and the strategy of an owl. 

Looking For More Detail?

Take a deep dive into a few of the resources which explain our approach.

Explore the different areas of the content marketing strategy.

Explore this short video from a Blirt Friday Whiteboard Session - 8 Steps To Turn Basic Keyword SEO into Smart Content Marketing


Omnibound CM Includes


Quarterly Content Marketing

A quarterly strategic content marketing plan mapping personas, keywords, content, SEO, digital media and onsite conversion to reach the business goals.

SEO Program

A strategic SEO program which includes monthly digital PR, link building, guest bloggers posting, high quality domain authority links.

Monthly Site Audit

A monthly site audit which covers site technical review, offsite optimisation audit, onsite optimisation audit, social influence.

PPC Media

A program of digital media across relevant channels to lift traffic and conversions and ultimately drive new sales through your digital channels. 

Content Program

With a strategic content plan built out in the quarterly plan, the program includes 2 x blogs per month + additional content can be developed.

Performance Reporting

Regular performance reporting on what's happening, moving, growing or needs attention, so you and your team at Blirt can deliver the best results.

How Does Omnibound CM Compare?

Omnibound KS Omnibound CM Omnibound CX
Monthly Site Analysis
Site, Content & Social Audit

Quarterly Strategy Plan
Quarterly Objectives
Keyword Analysis
Onsite Optimisation Program
Offsite Optimisation Program
Content Plan
Media Plan
Acquisition - Sales Path
Retention - Advocacy Path
Growth - Strategic Growth Paths
Content & SEO Foundations
Blogs ✓ (24) ✓ (24)
Digital PR ✓ (2) ✓ (12) ✓ (12)
Contextual Link Building ✓ (2) ✓ (12) ✓ (12)
Blogger Outreach - Guest Posts ✓ (10) ✓ (60) ✓ (60)
High DA Permenant Links

✓ (10) ✓ (60) ✓ (60)
Website Analytics & SEO
Social Media
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Omnichannel Campaign Dashboard
+ gst / month
+ gst / month
+ gst / month


The Easiest Way To Scale

This approach would easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if you tried to do it on your own. 

For less than one third the cost of a typical marketing director, we deliver a million dollar MarTech team who plan, execute and optimise your marketing program.

During this program, you will receive strong content marketing system which is expanding your footprint on search engines, lifting your traffic - both organic and paid, growing a database of prospects and building a healthy pipeline of customers and sales.


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