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By 2020, 75% of buyers expect organisations to anticipate their needs making relevant suggestions on what to purchase.

We live in the early days of the greatest customer revolution in history.  The world is more connected than ever before, customers have more information than ever before, and, as business leaders we must transform or be left in the 20th Century industrial mindset. 

Welcome to the Experience Economy.

We help organisations plan, execute and scale their customer experience in order to acquire more customers, retain more customers and grow the value of each customer.

CX Creates Real Business Value

In 2015, Harvard Business Review published a study which should make every marketer rethink their approach to creating business value. 

The research team tracked 6,000 business deals over 10 years from 2003 to 2013.  

Over that 10 year period the value that 'brand' added to the bottom line essentially halved and the 'customer' value (items attributed to knowing the customer for repeat sales) essentially doubled. 

Today, we all live in the Experience Economy - an economy of hyper connected experiences underpinned with smart marketing technology. 

CX Drives The Path To Purchase (& Repeat Purchases)

The path to purchase is the journey the customer will go on to discover your product or service and then ultimately choose to purchase your product or service. 

Often referred to as a ‘Sales Funnel’ the path to purchase is  so much more - it is the entire customer journey. 

A great CX plan will define:

  • The ideal customer journey
  • The content to supports the journey
  • Where the exchange of value is for both parties and how to maximise it
  • What the metrics should be across acquisition, retention and growth (CPL / CPA / CLV etc)
  • How long the ideal journey should be for intial purchase and then repeat purchases
  • How many people need to be at what point of the journey for the business to be sustainable
  • And, so much more...

Content Drives The Journey

Content is the oil which draws a customer through the decision making points of the customer journey.  That's why great content marketing is a pre-requisite to building a solid customer experience strategy

These decision points journey points are represented in the above diagram as ‘Cogs’.  For a more detailed overview, watch the video below.

As the customer reaches out for information throughout each stage of the buying process, they are drawn through customer journey & buying experience.  

Whilst we track Volume, Velocity and Visibility on the sales funnel, the critical driver of repurchasing behaviour will be the points of Exchange of Value

Exchange of Value Creates Advocates

Exchange of Value is a term we developed at Blirt to represent the point when the Vendor receives value and when the Customer receives the value proposition.  

Why does it matter to business leaders?

These points are almost always different.  Most organisations treat them as the same moment in time and suffer the consequences.

Vendors receive value on transaction, customers receive value when their problem is solved.  For a more detailed overview, watch the video below.

For some products, like property, travel, financial services, education and higher value retail products, the exchange of value can occur months or years after transaction. 

A long gap with no support destroys trust, whilst good support from the brand throughout the post purchase environment will ensure the Exchange of Value is felt by, and maximised for, the customer.

Yes, I Want A World Class CX Strategy.


What Is Omnibound CX?

Omnibound CX is strategic marketing program for those who need scale their business through systems and automation for maximum return.

This program is build on a clear understanding of our client's business objectives and specifically orients around the customer journey phases of:

  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Growth.


The First Month - Strategy Development

Your first month with Blirt is spent building the Omnibound CM plan with our head of Creative Experience and consulting team. 

We will be specifically addressing marketing and technology platforms to ensure your systems can provide the insights and tactics to deliver on your strategy.


Optimising Execution

Working with your dedicated Marketing Consultant & our Strategy Team, we execute the strategy, refining and optimising along the journey. 

Every month we review progress towards the objectives by measuring key results and ‘growth hacking’ our way to your success. 

Every quarter we review the strategic position and refine our approach for the next quarter. 

Take a deep dive into Blirt's SEO services that we deliver through this program.

Omnibound CX Includes


Quarterly CX Strategy & Plan

A quarterly strategic CX strategy which maps personas, keywords, content, SEO, media acquisition, retention and growth paths.

SEO Program

A strategic SEO program which includes monthly digital PR, link building, guest bloggers posting, high quality domain authority links.

Monthly Site Audit

A monthly site audit which covers site technical review, offsite optimisation audit, onsite optimisation audit, social influence.

POEM Media

A framework of media across paid, earned and owned channels to support the acquisition, retention and growth strategies.

Content Program

With a strategic content plan built out in the quarterly plan, the program includes 2 x blogs per month + additional content can be developed.

Performance Reporting

Regular performance reporting on what's happening, moving, growing or needs attention, so you and your team at Blirt can deliver the best results.

How Does Omnibound CX Compare?

Omnibound KS Omnibound CM Omnibound CX
Monthly Site Analysis
Site, Content & Social Audit

Quarterly Strategy Plan
Quarterly Objectives
Keyword Analysis
Onsite Optimisation Program
Offsite Optimisation Program
Content Plan
Media Plan
Acquisition - Sales Path
Retention - Advocacy Path
Growth - Strategic Growth Paths
Content & SEO Foundations
Blogs ✓ (24) ✓ (24)
Digital PR ✓ (2) ✓ (12) ✓ (12)
Contextual Link Building ✓ (2) ✓ (12) ✓ (12)
Blogger Outreach - Guest Posts ✓ (10) ✓ (60) ✓ (60)
High DA Permenant Links

✓ (10) ✓ (60) ✓ (60)
Website Analytics & SEO
Social Media
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Omnichannel Campaign Dashboard
+ gst / month
+ gst / month
+ gst / month


The Smartest Path To Scale

This service would easily cost multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars a year if you tried to do it on your own. 

For less than one third the cost of a typical marketing director, we deliver a million dollar MarTech team who plan, execute and optimise your marketing program.

Our goal is to see you build a systemised, sustainable business which release value & time back to the owners and positions the business for it's next phase of growth.


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