CX Insights Reveal the Path to Purchase

Why Reveal CX Insights?

Reveal the path to purchase. In an always on, dynamic, mobile and personalised world CX Insights give you the power to understand your customer’s why - why do they choose or reject you at different points in the buyers journey? 


Reveal CX Insights is a research program Blirt built specifically to answer these questions so you can deploy a smart, effective and personable customer experience strategy.

With Blirt's Reveal CX Insights you can:

  • Unlock your customers buying behaviours across the customer journey
  • Know which content works more effectively at what stage
  • Understand customer advocacy at various points in the journey
  • Discover how your customers perceive your brand at different points on the journey - not just a snapshot in time. 

Be a CX strategy superstar and bring detailed strategic insights to your team to shift the needle on business growth.


Benchmark Customer Experience

Demonstrate ROI based on sound benchmarks so your CX Strategy unfolds with a focus on ROI.

Identify Journey Dropouts

Reveal what points in the journey are losing business and how you can strengthen them.

Design Better Content

Forget about advertising and start engaging. Know which message is required at what point, who it needs to come from and where it needs to go.

Know Your Brand Strengths

Unlock your brand strengths in comparison to your competitors and reveal the gaps you can use to create growth.


Revealing the path to purchase is the first and best step in any CX Strategy.

Unlock your content, media, message and tactics.


We will customise our base research program to your needs and confirm the survey will bring back the insights required.


Send and monitor the research and ensure the best reach is received. The survey will take around 2 weeks to run for optimum data capture.


Your Blirt team presents the insights and recommendations translating the research into actionable items to shift the needle on your business.

Two Research Options for Success


1. Prospect & Customer Insights

An entry level CX Insights program, we unlock journey, brand and advocacy insights from only your prospect and customer data.


2. Prospect, Customer & Market Insights

By leveraging not just your prospect data but also your target profile data from the market we can build journey, brand and advocacy insights from your prospect, customer and market data. You will see the path to purchase revealed for today's customers and tomorrow's customers.


We have prices for both options outlined.  A Reveal CX Insights research program starts from $9,990 + gst and final pricing is determined on agreed sample data sets and outcomes. 

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