The Key Stages of Implementation

  1. Kick off & Overview
  2. Technical Set Up
  3. Introduction to Emails, Lists, Forms and Landing Pages
  4. Managing Lists, Automation and Scoring
  5. Integration of Emails, Landing Pages, Forms
  6. Social, Adwords and Connectors
  7. Wrap Up, Support & Next Steps

Stage 5 Integration of Emails, Landing Pages and Forms


Integration of Landing Pages & Forms

By now the Landing Pages planned in stage 3 should be set up.  Let's go back and ensure everything is done correctly.  Let's back track to Stage 3 - Forms, Landing Pages.



Files: Upload images to be hosted and other resources (white papers, data sheets, etc) for hosting and tracking. (Instructions)

Custom Redirects: Create tracker links to track any link on your website or a third party site. (Instructions)

Dynamic Content: (Included with Enterprise & Ultimate Editions) Based on a prospect’s field value, display targeted content on your website or Pardot elements. (Instructions)


Additional Features

Site Search Integration: Create a hosted site search or integrate a third-party search to record the terms searched. (Instructions)

Page Actions: Trigger completion actions or set priority pages off of specific URL page views. (Instructions)

Keyword Monitoring: Designate keywords that are important to you to track how your site ranks in Google/Bing. (Instructions)

Competitor Monitoring: Track how well your site stacks up against your competitors in SEO terms. (Instructions)


Sales Tools and Resources

Note: These tools will need to be downloaded and installed for each user on their own devices.

Sales Training: Helpful content and resources on how to train your sales team. (More Info)