The Key Stages of Implementation

  1. Kick off & Overview
  2. Technical Set Up
  3. Introduction to Emails, Lists, Forms and Landing Pages
  4. Managing Lists, Automation and Scoring
  5. Integration of Emails, Landing Pages, Forms
  6. Social, Adwords and Connectors
  7. Wrap Up, Support & Next Steps

Stage 3 Managing Lists, Automation and Scoring

Managing Lists

Marketable Prospects: Import existing prospect information for records that you would like to continue to market to. (Instructions)

Optional: Assign Your Prospect during an Import

Unsubscribed Prospects: Import previously opted-out prospect to ensure they will not receive any Pardot sent emails. (Instructions)

Existing Opportunities: Import Opportunity information into Pardot. (Instructions)



Automation Rules: Establish logic to automation actions like lead assignment, email alerts, segmentation, etc. (Instructions)

Drip Programs: Establish content and logic to nurture your prospects. (Instructions)

Tips: Review our complete view of lead nurturing that includes essential campaign examples and additional resources. (More Info)



Prospect Scoring: Numeric representation of the activity level of the prospect. (Instructions | Webinar)

Prospect Grading: A-F representing how well the prospect meets your “Ideal Customer” profile. (Instructions | Webinar)

Tips: Review lead qualification tips and how to get started. (More Info)