Building Great Digital Marketing Strategy 

The fundamental principle behind our approach to marketing is focus on the customer, to deliver ROI and be clear about the business objectives. 


We see too many people spending money on vanity metrics when they could be investing into the right activities to improve the business outcome. 

Right upfront in every Omnibound program we help build; a clear strategic outcome & goals, a written set of personas to build message from & keyword and content plans. 

Setting Strategy

Setting Digital Marketing Goals

Why are you investing in these activities?  What are the outcomes you need for your business? 

We meet too many organisations that want 10,000 followers or fans.  Why?  Because it makes you feel good.  But they’re vanity metrics.  

Instead, ask what metrics drive the acquisition journey, the retention plan or the growth path.  These are the metrics we want to drive.  

In every plan we produce we are going to be righteously dogged on making sure you are focussed on goals that affect a business outcome.  

We see this as our part to play as your trusted to adviser.  Get out of the BS and into the measureable KPIs. 


Understanding the Customer As a Persona or Profile

Buyer personas help you understand who you are targeting to secure as customer based on common human language. 

These are fundamental strategy tools in the world of digital marketing. 

At Blirt, we were founded on a simple principle; “People buy things from people - even in a pixel dominated world." 

A persona makes it easier for you to share the types of people the business is seeking to attract and to therefore tailor content, keywords, collateral and automations to meeting this group.

Yes, it is a bit like a 'Segment' in traditional marketing speak.  However, in the world of content and automation, it is a tangible Profile which you can assign to a prospect and trigger automated actions from. 

Inside every strategy we deliver to a customer are the defined Personas of your business, structured in a way to make it easy to work with and apply to communications. 

Keywords & Content 

Keywords & Content Are The Foundations To Digital Marketing

Some organisations are chasing a handful of keywords, some hundreds, others thousands. 

Keywords are the herbs and spices which focus the activities of good content marketing. 

In all of our Omnibound programs we build keyword sets which are informed on:

  • What personas you’re seeking and what they’re using
  • What keywords you already have traffic from 
  • What keywords your competitors have and receive traffic from
  • What keywords help personas guide themselves through the customer journey
  • What keywords are organic and what are branded
  • Plus a few more filters …

The keyword strategy is just one step in good content marketing.  We’re going to building you a content roadmap and a content plan which hare informed on the customer journey, the persona and the keywords.

To put it simply, if you can’t put your hand on a document or documents which articulate for your business:

  • Clear goals to achieve
  • A useful description of the target persona
  • A set of keywords you are using across all materials for SEO, content and journey activities
  • A content roadmap, and
  • A content plan, 

Then, you need to be working with us.  You clearly have a huge opportunity for growth.


All our Omnibound programs have these features as their strategic foundation.


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