Marketing Automation

We love marketing.


We love the power of automating marketing to create more time for customers, new prospects and better customer experiences.


What is Marketing Automation?

Simply, it is the unification, simplification and systematization of attracting and nurturing customers.  It is an engine which can power your customer experience.

Ideally, your marketing automation will be layer between your CRM and your customer's digital experience. Marketing automation is the power behind the sales funnel connecting forms, landing pages, email, social, advertising and content together across the customer journey.

When we build an Omnibound strategy we consider how the marketing automation platform supports the various media and content strategies. 

Using a marketing automation and email platform is fundamental to achieving integrated digital marketing for wonderful customer experiences. 


Our Preferred Marketing Automation Platforms

Whilst we work with clients running a multitude of marketing automation and email marketing platforms (including MailChimp, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft) , we have three preferred platforms we work with. 

OmniboundLive - Email & Marketing Automation Platform

Blirt's In-House Email & Automation Platform

Powered by Campaign Monitor, we provided an in-house email marketing & marketing automation platform perfect for first time automators or small business.

With unlimited email sends per month plus marketing automation and really easy to use email building tools this is the perfect go to platform to get started. 

This platform will power your email and marketing automation from as little as $50 + gst per month.


Salesforce Pardot A World Leading Platform  

Salesforce's Pardot is the leading marketing automation platform for B2B and high engagement sales.

Blirt has implemented dozens of organisations into the world of Pardot and it is one of our preferred platforms. 

Pardot is ideal for Salesforce CRM users who want sophisticated yet easy to use marketing automation across paid advertising, email, landing pages, forms, SEO, content and drip campaigns.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud - The power of marketing and customer experiences and one to one person customer journies

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Powerful Customer Journeys

Salesforce is a global leader in marketing automation & customer experience.

With features from realtime personalisation to the ability to create highly personalised and one to one journey based communications, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful marketing platform.

Perfect to provide the right message to the right person at the right time.