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Quality backlinks is still one of the best ways to achieve high search rankings.


You know how long and how hard it is to build quality backlinks.

We've got your back.

Building backlinks is the backbone of any seo program.  Quality backlinks still matter significantly to ensuring your content rises in search rankings. 

Using our link building power you can rank your site faster, easier and better than ever before.


Offsite optimisation through quality backlinking

What Do We Do?

We have two specific services for growing quality backlinks.

  • High DA Permenant Links
  • Contextual Link Building Program

Both can work together with Digital PR, Guest Posting and Local to provide a powerful foundation to your offsite optimisation program. 

High DA Permanent Links

These High DA (Domain Authroity) permanent links on a relevant site's home page or sidebar.  Using Moz DA as the authority we execute an initiative to secure permanent links on target publishers sites.

These links are the very best way to give your site a boost in it's rankings. 

Placements are 100% transparent and we provide you with a report showing exactly what you get.

√ High Authority Links
√ DA 15+
√ Permanent
√ Homepage
√ Sidebar
√ No Subscription to retain the link

Contextual Link Building Program

This program is a multifaceted, long-term link building service.  

Designed for conversion marketing this program has a focus on creating a natural Viral Link Structure that follows exactly the path of viral content on the web.

One key piece of content is linked to high quality supporting content on specially created high domain authority content sites such as wordpress, blogspot or tumbler (for example).  

In turn, content links are seeded throughout a large number of content engines which drive performance and link power up to your source content and your primary site link. 

This program is super powerful and will generate in content links, off site blog posts, social links and bookmarks.


Please talk to your marketing consultant for pricing.

  • We provide High DA Permanent links on packages of 5, 10 and 20. 
  • Contextual Link Building has packages for low, medium and high competition keywords.

Find Out More About Blirt’s Powerful Offsite Optimisation

Our offsite search engine and content optimisation services cover these three areas.  

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