Onsite Search Optimisation 

Be found in search engines, rank your pages higher and convert visitors. 


Organic search is the most important media.  On average organic search traffic is the source of more than 50% of all business traffic.

Do you want to get your site in the best shape to rank on search engines and convert traffic into leads?

Of course you do.

Would you work in a faulty office or retail store?  Would you not worry about improving traffic flow and signage to your workplace and through your shop?

Of course you wouldn’t. 

We get the job done right, so you get more traffic, leads and opportunity.

Why Is This Relevant? My Website Looks Just Great!?

Search engines, like Google, rely on small pieces of automated code called 'Spiders'. These spiders go and crawl the web, including your website, to find new information, read it, understand it and report back to determine it's fit for search queries. 

Today's search Spiders are enormously sophisticated, compared to the early years of the web, and they can understand not just literal keywords but contextual content and assess quality and authenticiy. This is good for all of us because it stops people sending junk up to the top of search queries.  

Some of the quickest wins with search engines can come from making sure when a search engine reads and understands your site, the site is well structured and well built.  

After all, a search spider doesn't look at your website - it reads your code. 


Blirt's Performance Framework For Site Optimisation

To get the best results you need to be:

  • Readable and well organised online as a website - that's a strong technical foundation for search engines.
  • Delivering quality and authentic page content which is well structured using the right keywords, titles, tags, headings and images - that's a great onpage structure
  • Capturing hard earned traffic via optin forms and offers and a clear user journey - that's optin conversion optimisation


Our Approach To Onsite Optimisation Results

Authentic Content

Content is the oil which drives the customer journey engine.  Authentic content helps your customer journey through and achieve the desired outcome.  

Additionally, quality authentic content is the foundation of keyword optimisation.


Content marketing and search optimisation is a complex problem to solve, so we take a holistic approach to getting it right.  As they say in the army - ‘no plan survives the first shot fired’.  

It is the same in content and search, just because you want to rank No 1, and may well achieve it, your competitors will be firing hard to take you down.  

People Buy From People

Never forget it is a person who converts, not a search engine or robot.  

Therefore, understanding human behaviour is critical.

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Our onsite search engine and content optimisation services cover these three areas.  

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