Strong Technical Foundations, Strong Growth  

If your website isn't read well by search engines, you can't be heard. 


You want your site to be crawled well and rank well, therefore you need to have your foundations built well.

Do you have a great looking site? Well, Google doesn't really care, that much.  

Do you have a well structured, technically correct site with good user journey management?  Well, Google does really care, a lot. 

You want Google to care.


What Do We Do?

We look at all aspects of the sites technical structure which includes:

√ Sitemap
√ Robots txt file
√ Webmaster submissions via Google Search Console
√ Broken links and 4XX returns
√ Duplicate content
√ Markups
√ Crawl depth
√ HTTP Status Codes
√ Canonicalization
√ AMP - use of AMP for mobile friendliness
√ Sitemap vs Crawled Pages
√ Incoming Internal Links
√ Language Management - Hreflang Usage

Where we find errors or problems we set about fixing them.  

No one wants to live in a house built on sand, do they?

The success of any content and search optimisation program depends upon strong website technical foundations. 

When you work with Blirt, as part of your ongoing content and search marketing program we will provide site technical fixes.  Depending on the severity of the fixes we will complete immediately on on a monthly maintenance process. 


Your marketing consultant will be able to provide an estimate on the cost of 'getting the house in order' during your strategy development after the Omnibound Site & Content Audit.  

After all, we want to see your site rank at the top of your niche, getting more traffic and ideal client flow, so your business can thrive. 

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Our onsite search engine and content optimisation services cover these three areas.  

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