The Experience Curve, created by Blirt, is a framework which answers one simple, brutal question;

"What one, two or three things that if delivered over the next quarter or half will shift the needle on the business?"

Whatever the answer is, that's what we help you do.

Customer experience is the unification of sales, marketing, service & technology to create inspirational branded moments at every stage and touchpoint on the customer journey.

We specialise in consulting on the Salesforce platform to help you transform your sales, marketing, service and finance so that you can build a valuable business.

A business that delights your customers.

A business where your team can access what they need, whenever they need it on whatever device they have in order to find, win and keep customers. 

A business that is empowered for the future taking advantage of AI, mobility and digital media, whilst also easily taking care of business today.

We want to help you create a business you can be proud to lead, a business your team find a joy to work in and a business your customers never want to leave. 

This is the business of tomorrow, you can build today.

The Experience Curve, by Blirt


In order to achieve customer experience leadership, organisations need to build competency from the ground up on, (and by unifying) sales, marketing, service and technology.

The Customer Experience Curve - Part 1

The Customer Experience Curve - Part 2

When Salesforce as a platform is implemented correctly, research shows customers receive:


+26% Win Rate
+38% Sales Productivity
+45% Customer Satisfaction

How do we shift the needle on your business?





We listen, observe and understand to unlock value, urgency, competency & alignment.



We align practical solutions to building competency & capability and plan a roadmap to deliver the vision.



We execute your CX Roadmap which is managed through the simple approach of OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). 


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