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About Reveal CX Roadmap

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Reveal CX Roadmap is an evaluation survey for a leadership team to set the priorities on marketing & technology investment.  

Why do a Reveal CX Roadmap?  

Most organisations jump in and start executing actions to be busy.  Many of these actions waste precious time and resource because they are not the fastest or most effective path to value.   

Reveal CX Roadmap is designed to help an organisation transform their sales and marketing discipline out of traditional marketing and into an always on, customer centric, high quality customer experience focussed organisation.

Our goal is to help you shift the needle on your business by building an amazing CX program through your marketing and sales team. 

Reveal CX Roadmap is a survey which reveals the functions of sales and marketing which create the highest value in the shortest amount of time.


Unlock Value Within Sales and Marketing

Through the Reveal CX Roadmap survey, we track the value and perceived current performance of 33 primary functions that are within 6 areas of focus; Vision Casting, Market Understanding, Strategy Development, Business Model, Sales and Marketing Execution and Sales and Marketing People & Culture.

These 33 functions are the ingredients to mix a wonderful CX strategy.

From this we can determine;

  • 1.

    which functions of the sales and marketing discipline will have the greatest impact on value creation and

  • 2.

    the functions of the sales and marketing discipline which require team alignment


Reveal's 33 Value Creation Assessment Points

Vision Market Strategy Business Model Execution People and Culture
Vision Casting & Communication Market Analysis Strategic Positioning Marketing Planning Customer Journey Mapping Team Development
Segementation Analysis Sustaining Positioning Sales Planning Sales Tools Customer Service
Brand Clarity Identified Growth Paths Sales System Communications & PR Skill Development
Brand Health Product Development Product Management Media Mix Leadership Development
Brand Family Pricing Performance Management Promotions & Advertising Role Function & Clarity
Sales Partners Strategic Clients Digital Marketing
Creative Identity SEM & SEO
CRM Program & Platform


Reveal CX Roadmap unlocks a transformational roadmap for sales and marketing teams. Our software helps determine:

Areas of priority
Areas needing alignment

  • The marketing & technology roadmap to transform your business.

1. Identify Priority

Reveal unlocks which areas of the sales and marketing function that will create the greatest amount of value for the business.

In the graph below, each of the 33 functions of sales and marketing are mapped across a value creation matrix.

2. Expose Areas for Alignment

Reveal unlocks which functions within the sales and marketing function are most agreed and disagreed upon for investment. 

We are careful to ensure leadership teams are aligned to activities before investment is made into them. In the graph below the larger the circle the greater disagreement in area of focus.

3. Build A Roadmap for Transformation

Reveal unlocks the steps on the journey for strategic marketing transformation.

The sales and marketing world is changing rapidly and organisations need to map their path from old ways of thinking into new customer centric, always on digital success platforms.



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