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SEO Drives Powerful Results 

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SEO is the number one most important lead generation tool for any business. On average organic search traffic is the source of more than 50% of all business traffic.

With a massive amount of value, this package is perfect for first time SEO adventurers, or, for new sites which have just been launched.

This service is like giving your website double shots of the finest grade columbian coffee.

SEO Is The Best Source of Traffic

In general, search is the #1 driver of traffic to a website, beating social media by more than 300%.  

Did you know, more than 70% of the results that searchers click are organic results?  And, 75% of searchers never scroll past the first page of results.  

Search is so powerful that inbound leads from SEO, cost on average less than 60% of outbound leads (e.g., Paid Ads and other paid services).

SEO Outperforms All Other Media On ROI

In a survey of marketing and business leaders, more than 75% reported good or excellent ROI from SEO.  

SEO is nearly twice as effective as paid social.

In general, retail, media, entertainment, business services, technology, web and hospitality - all receive more than 40% of revenue from SEO

We're strong believers in omnichannel marketing and do see a role for all paid, earned and owned media.  

However, as you embark on building a more sophisticated omnichannel strategy, establishing your SEO as the foundation is applying best practice.

Did you know SEO has the biggest impact on ROI?

Yes, I Want High Performing ROI Marketing.


What Is Omnibound KS?

Omnibound KS by Blirt is a pre-built search strategy designed to give small to medium business the strongest start to their search optimisation. 

With a massive amount of value, this package is perfect for a business embarking on SEO for the first time. 

Within the first 8 weeks Blirt will have developed a highly targeted keyword approach, optimised your top 4 URLs for search rankings, and pushed out your first major link building and awareness campaign with digital PR.  

Then we spend the next 16 weeks delivering an absolute smorgasbord of high powered Google loving links, posts, blogs, listings and digital press. 

After the first 6 months we review all positions, ranks and do a deep dive into how to drive the next level of performance.  

Then, we spend the next 6 months building on the foundations already established to help your site soar.

Take a deep dive into Blirt's SEO services that we deliver through this program.

Omnibound KS Includes


Digital PR

Multiple digital press boosts to build links and awareness about your product or service. You will receive hundreds of placements over multiple releases.

Guests Posts

Guest posts from bloggers who are already talking about your industry or market niche. These drive positive links and authority back to your site.

Positive Link Building

A massive contextual link building effort driving inbound links from quality services. This builds your authority and aids in ranking your pages higher.

High Authority Links

To boost your ranking, permanent home page or sidebar links from sites in your industry which already are considered a high domain authority.

Local Search

Local search directories updated with your listings and optimised to support local search efforts from your customers.

Performance Reporting

Regular performance reporting on what's happening, moving, growing or needs attention, so you and your team at Blirt can deliver the best results.

How Does Omnibound KS Compare?

Omnibound KS Omnibound CM Omnibound CX
Monthly Site Analysis
Site, Content & Social Audit

Quarterly Strategy Plan
Quarterly Objectives
Keyword Analysis
Onsite Optimisation Program
Offsite Optimisation Program
Content Plan
Media Plan
Acquisition - Sales Path
Retention - Advocacy Path
Growth - Strategic Growth Paths
Content & SEO Foundations
Blogs ✓ (24) ✓ (24)
Digital PR ✓ (2) ✓ (12) ✓ (12)
Contextual Link Building ✓ (2) ✓ (12) ✓ (12)
Blogger Outreach - Guest Posts ✓ (10) ✓ (60) ✓ (60)
High DA Permenant Links

✓ (10) ✓ (60) ✓ (60)
Website Analytics & SEO
Social Media
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Omnichannel Campaign Dashboard
+ gst / month
+ gst / month
+ gst / month

By the end of the program you will have; 

Hundreds of links, citations, bookmarks and updated business listings.

Optimised your top URLs for search rankings, and

Increased your high performing search terms.


The Easiest & Best Way To Buy Massive Value In SEO

This package would easily cost multiple thousands of dollars a month if you tried to do it on your own. 

We have built the process, approach and strategy over time so you get to take full advantage of this huge offer.

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