The Key Stages of Implementation

  1. Kick off & Overview
  2. Technical Set Up
  3. Introduction to Emails, Lists, Forms and Landing Pages
  4. Managing Lists, Automation and Scoring
  5. Integration of Emails, Landing Pages, Forms
  6. Social, Adwords and Connectors
  7. Wrap Up, Support & Next Steps

Stage 6 Social, Adwords and Connectors


Social Posting Connectors: Add social connectors for Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts to post to one or more accounts simultaneously. (Instructions)



Google AdWords Connector: (Included with Enterprise & Ultimate Editions) Pardot can hook into your Google AdWords account and track prospects that reach you through paid search. You can tie cost data from AdWords to opportunity data from your CRM to determine your true cost per qualified lead and search engine marketing ROI. (Instructions)

Note: Once the connector has been verified, your AdWords campaigns will be automatically imported and your AdWords destination URLs will be updated slightly to include a tracking parameter. (Items to be aware of before you set up the connector)

Note: Certain URL structures cannot handle parameters. Please ensure that your URLs can handle parameters before verifying the connector. (Test Your URLs)


Other Connectors Connector: If you have your own custom domain, Pardot will automatically use that when shortening URLs. (Instructions)

Eventbrite Connector: This will provide reporting and scoring on event registrations and attendance. (Instructions)

GoodData Connector: GoodData is an advanced business intelligence solution to help you customize your reporting. (Instructions)

Google Analytics Connector: This will pass the campaign name, medium, source, content, and term from Google Analytics Keyword Tags to Pardot and can sync these fields to a compatible CRM if desired. (Instructions)

Olark Chat Connector: Olark is a very easy to use business chat solution that lets your reps chat with visitors and prospects who are on your site and record the conversations. (Instructions)

Twilio Connector: Twilio is a service that will alert users of a form submission with a phone call. The user can even choose to call the prospect immediately. Twilio will automatically connect the user directly if desired. (Instructions)

UserVoice Connector: Pardot syncs bidirectionally with UserVoice, a suggestion tracking and support ticketing system. (Instructions)

Webinar Connectors: Pardot syncs bidirectionally to seamlessly register attendees for events, report on attendance, and display and score activity with GoToWebinarReadyTalk, & WebEx.

Wistia Connector: Wistia is a commercial service for hosting and sharing videos online that helps measure the engagement of your content with awesome analytics tracking. (Instructions)