The Key Stages of Implementation

  1. Kick off & Overview
  2. Technical Set Up
  3. Introduction to Emails, Lists, Forms and Landing Pages
  4. Managing Lists, Automation and Scoring
  5. Integration of Emails, Landing Pages, Forms
  6. Social, Adwords and Connectors
  7. Wrap Up, Support & Next Steps

Stage 7 Wrap Up & Support & Next Steps

In-App User Assistance: Access step-by-step instructions, guidance videos, and additional tips within the application. (Example) Note: Click the question mark icon in the top right corner of the application to display the in-app user assistance drawer.

Live Training Webinars: Pardot Now provides unique live training sessions that cover a range of specific topics. (Sign up here)

On-Demand Webinars: Watch training videos and webinar recordings. (View here)

Knowledge Base: Visit or click Help in the application for our Knowledge Base documentation, FAQs, videos and more.

Support Tickets: Create a support ticket at for urgent or time sensitive items.

Idea Exchange: Visit or click Ideas in the application to post requests for new features or enhancements on our Idea Exchange. You can also vote or comment on ideas from other users and see which suggestions we've already implemented.

New Features: Visit to stay updated on the latest and greatest new features and enhancements.

User Forum: Visit or click Forum in the application to discuss best practices, tips, events & more with other users.

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